Monday, 10 January 2011

Pictures! The Flame of Guilliman

More of my old pics, previously posted on Heresy Online, who very kindly host the pics.

This is my second raider, my first being a godhammer pattern which is currently in the shop undergoing restoration after a nasty drubbing at the hands of a rather overexcitable Waaagh.

There's a few things I would like to change about this raider, the design of the crossguard on the sword being made to look more like a roman scutata, and a few little bits, but mostly, I'm pretty happy with it.
You may also notice the black and gold shoulder pad on the marine operating the melta, and the 2nd company markings. This was an early, ill informed design choice. I assure you it has now been rectified and the gunner is 100% codex astartes compliant and the second company are down 1 raider.

Next up on my painting table is the 3 remaining TH/SS termies that tend to ride in this baby, so will post pics when they are done, along with more recent photos of the Flame,

My next raider (I plan on having 3!) will either be another Redeemer pattern, because you simply can't have too much fire in one army, or a Terminus Ultra, because you can never have enough Lascannons either!

Incedentally, I am perhaps the only marine player on the planet to whom the melta / multimelta is the most useless gun in the entire game. Despite a fantastic ballistic skill, having multiples in units, etc, I simply cannot hit with them. My dice just hate melta. It is so bad I have stopped taking them, cramming in a few lascannons instead. This is why you will see a lot of las and missile launchers in this army, and next to no melta, apart from the one on top of this here raider.

Grey Knights announced


I always planned on an Inquisition element to round out my imperial forces. Being an elite force, I foresee these being quite expensive points wise, so a 1500 - 2000 pt army should come relatively cheaply in £'s.

Initial thoughts for me would be 3 squads of terminators in storm-ravens, with the rest rounded out by troops in power armour and a few dreads.

I'm hoping that there will be Guard in the list too, as I have heard that the allies rule will be a-gonner. So between the Codex: Marines, Codex: IG, the Tyrants Forces list in Badab War pt 1, and the new GK codex, I'll have a fully integrated force. Time will tell, though.
Looks like I'll have to add a new tab to the page, and start saving some pennies...

Friday, 7 January 2011

More pictures, and a note on grimdark...

First off, to indulge those who are here to gawk at the pics:
Tactical squad 'Dimicatio', led by a veteran sergeant.
Hopefully you will notice that the standard of the painting on these is better than the previous squad I posted. That is because I face-lifted squad 'Martis' from my first AOBR mini's, hence the incredibly wide line highlights. I am much more pleased with 'Dimicatio'.

You may have noticed that my Ultra's are not quite the same as most others out there. I eschew the bright blue armour and keep my palette 1 - 2 shades lighter than the GW style, which I hope lends less of a cartoony feel. I find it also helps the highlights pop a little more, and the white to shine out nice and pure (just like Ultramarines should be).

Another little stylistic quirk that is quite unusual is my technique for tanks. You should be able to see what I mean from this picture where the effect is somewhat pronounced;

I have attempted to give all the tanks in this army a 'marbled' kind of look by stippling various layers of black and different shades of blue. By pure coincidence, this coincides quite well the background of the logo for the new Ultramarines movie released by Games Workshop which is a very similar textured dark blue. I was quite pleased with that when I first saw it.
The technique I use at the moment is to use a very large, stiff bristled brush to stipple on the paint, but this does leave a *very* slight texture to the finish. When I paint the next one, I intend to use a sponge to try and create the same effect, and hopefully save some time in the process. I'll keep you posted on how that goes when I finally get 5 minutes to try it.

Till next time...

Thursday, 6 January 2011

2000pt Shrike list

One of my favourite aspects of the current marines codex is the special characters that allow you to unlock different army styles, and my favourite character at the moment is Kayvaan Shrike. My most common foe is orks, and I rarely run a list when playing against the green horde that does not include at least one, full strength assault squad  led by a chaplain. Perhaps my love for this fast-moving, assault based playing style stems from my Blood Angels days and memories of how devastating a Death Company charge can be. So to attempt to mirror that style with my Ultra's, I am currently working on refining a Shrike based list. It currently looks like this:


Chaplain,                                          = 130
Jump Pack, Power Fist.  

Shrike                                              = 190


10 man tactical squad,                      = 240
Missile Launcher, Flamer, 
Sergeant with Power-fist and combi-flamer, 
Drop Pod.

10 man tactical squad,                      = 250
Lascannon, Flamer, 
Sergeant with Power-fist and combi-flamer, 

5 man tactical squad,                        = 180
Sergeant with Power-fist, 
Razorback with Heavy Flamer. 


5 man Assault Terminator squad,      = 200
Thunder Hammer and Storm Shields. 

5 man Assault Terminator squad,      = 200 
Thunder Hammer and Storm Shields.

Ironclad Dreadnought,                      = 160
Seismic Hammer, DCCW, 2 x Heavy Flamers, 1 x HK

Fast Attack

10 man Assault,                               = 225
Sergeant with Power-fist. 

10 man Assault,                               = 225
Sergeant with Power-fist. 

Total - 2000

This is a very assault heavy list that is good for objective based missions. 

The Best Laid Plans...
Keep the Razorback on one objective, supported by the dreadnought (preferably in cover, which he can burst out of with the move through cover rule), plop the drop-pod squad on a more distant objective, then deep strike one squad of Terminators onto the pods beacon as soon as possible to help secure it. You should then have two well-defended objectives. 
You can then move up the 2 assault squads (one led by Shrike, the other by the Chaplain) supported by the remaining Terminator squad and the Tactical squad in the Rhino to attempt to take or contest a third.

The beauty of this list is that with Fleet from Shrike, you can very swiftly redeploy your assault troops where needed. If one objective that you hold is getting a lot of flak, divert a squad of jump troops to deal with the threat, and then let them rejoin your offensive.

Remember, you have fleet. If you're not getting the charge, you are doing something wrong.

I am also particularly excited about the possibilty of using Knight-Captain Elam Courbray from the Badab War part 1 book from Forge World with a list of this type instead of Shrike (probably dropping a terminator squad and a tac sqaud for some vanguard vets), as he gives you scoring assault troops, twin linked flamers, and gives units he joins Hit and Run and Counter Attack, all for a measly 185 points, but that is another post.