Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Episode IV ; A New Hope

This is episode 3 if I'm honest, You can catch episodes 1 & 2 over at Heresy Online where I used to keep two project logs which have long sinced lapsed into disuse. (There are direct links buried somewhere in the 'About' page if you really want to look, but it would be a bit spoilery with regards to my intentions for this site. Up to you though.) The hope is that I will be able to regularly update this blog.

I have been collecting my latest crop of marines for about two years now. I was previously a Blood Angel player back in the day, but that army descended into the black rage and are currently missing, presumed deceased, somewhere in the Cygnus arm of the galaxy. So, after making the decision to get back into the hobby with a marine force, my first dilemma was which chapter to go for. Being a contrary git, I decided to go for Ultramarines, as most everybody hates them, with the intention of creating a force worthy of the Ultra name.

My intention for this army is to create a working, customizable force of well presented Ultramarines that adhere to the strictures of the Insignium Astartes, whilst still leaving room for a little creativity. I particularly like to incorporate elements of Romanic design and nods to the Roman legions that originally inspired the Ultramarines, as long as they do not work to the detriment of the Insignium. Feel free to let me know whether or not you think I am succeeding in this endeavour, any and all comments are appreciated here, apart from ones I consider heretical. This is Ultramar, not a democracy.

I am close to completing the 4th company, as well as elements from the 1st veteran and the 10th Scout company. I am also slowly working on an Imperial Guard army which will represent the Ultramar Defence Auxiliary, but work on this is slow, so don't expect to see much progress.

This blog will contain army lists, tactics, battle reports, pictures of the army, and anything else I deem appropriate or entertaining. So without further ado, allow me to start the ball rolling with a picture of tactical squad Martis.

Full size copies of these images can be found under the '4th Company' tab at the top of the page.

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