Monday, 10 January 2011

Pictures! The Flame of Guilliman

More of my old pics, previously posted on Heresy Online, who very kindly host the pics.

This is my second raider, my first being a godhammer pattern which is currently in the shop undergoing restoration after a nasty drubbing at the hands of a rather overexcitable Waaagh.

There's a few things I would like to change about this raider, the design of the crossguard on the sword being made to look more like a roman scutata, and a few little bits, but mostly, I'm pretty happy with it.
You may also notice the black and gold shoulder pad on the marine operating the melta, and the 2nd company markings. This was an early, ill informed design choice. I assure you it has now been rectified and the gunner is 100% codex astartes compliant and the second company are down 1 raider.

Next up on my painting table is the 3 remaining TH/SS termies that tend to ride in this baby, so will post pics when they are done, along with more recent photos of the Flame,

My next raider (I plan on having 3!) will either be another Redeemer pattern, because you simply can't have too much fire in one army, or a Terminus Ultra, because you can never have enough Lascannons either!

Incedentally, I am perhaps the only marine player on the planet to whom the melta / multimelta is the most useless gun in the entire game. Despite a fantastic ballistic skill, having multiples in units, etc, I simply cannot hit with them. My dice just hate melta. It is so bad I have stopped taking them, cramming in a few lascannons instead. This is why you will see a lot of las and missile launchers in this army, and next to no melta, apart from the one on top of this here raider.


  1. Amazing work, those swords look fantastic! I particularly like the subtle checker pattern on the top portion of the assault ramp. Glad to hear the 4th was able to finesse this beauty away from 2nd company.

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