Call me Ishmael. Not really. Call me Jugglepunk, even though that's just a internet moniker that I have been using for some years (sometimes shortened to Jpunk, but I have stopped using that, because a lot of people thought I was interested in japanese punk music, which I'm not. Well, I might be, but I have never heard any, so I can't honestly say whether I am interested or not, still, either way the shortened version is a little misleading so I don't use it any more. Just Jugglepunk now.) that refers to one of my other pastimes, juggling, and a type of music I like to listen to whilst juggling, punk (albeit not the Japanese kind. Possibly.). Jugglepunk, see?

I am a well-bearded veteran of 40k, having started off playing Rogue Trader back in the late 80's / early 90's, which I came to through a copy of Space Crusade and an issue of White Dwarf found in a newsagents on the Isle of Wight. My previous army was Blood Angels which I used right up until I quit sometime around 3rd edition when I discovered sex, drugs and rock and roll. I did not discover them in that order. Unfortunately, the Blood Angels were sold around 2002 to help fund the second of that unholy triumvarate. I was persuaded to start the hobby again a couple of years ago by Blighty Waaagh Boys, and quickly remembered how much I loved it. This blog has also been inspired by friend and master-modeller Blighty Waaagh Boys' blog, which can be found here.
I say inspired. It's more like he has badgered me until I gave in. Still, this is easier than keeping my previous attempts at internet project logs going for this army. For those who are interested in the beginnings of this project the relevant pages reside here and here. Please don't comment on them as I no longer update them and no-one likes a threadomancer.

I'm currently 31 and live in the UK where I am studying for a masters degree in English at a large university in London. I have another blog where I review books that I have recently read, mostly as an aid to my memory more than for anyone else's benefit, and where I post copies of my completed critical essays should anyone be daft enough to want to read them. You can find it here.

If for any reason you want to get in touch, then please do so in the comments, where I will either ignore you, berate you for idiocy, or, in rare cases, get back to you when I can, but I am very busy and important, so dont get your hopes up.